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Actor / Composer / C.V.

I Am for You, by Mieko Ouchi
directed by Bruce Dow
National Arts Centre, English Theatre, Young Audience Series, ON, 2015

“I want to learn to sword fight!”
“The Shakespeare was so easy to understand!”
“It was so much fun!”
“I thought they were really fighting!”
“Scary and awesome”
Reactions from our Young Audiences - the best kind of reactions one can get!

Janelle Cooper as “Lainie”,  Lucinda Davis as “Mariam”, and Tristan D. Lala as “Mr. Morris"

The National Arts Centre, Ottawa

“Ohio”&Tadeu end their lives in Montague Parkett,
 written and directed by Bruce Dow   
36th Annual Rhubarb Festival

Toronto, ON, 2015

Now in further development at Factory Theatre, Toronto

“I have never been so moved”
Audience Member, who is Transexual

“Alternating wonderful and terrifying.
Can’t wait to see how this piece evolves”
Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

“Dow is a venerable theatre risk-taker”
Mooney on Theatre

Photos by Vince Ha
Jordan Bell as “Ohio”, Jordan Fantauzzo as “Tadeu”, with Kayla Coolen, Danik Mcafee, and Cassie Doane

© Bruce Dow 2014